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Visit Aosta

Aosta, A Town of History & Arts

Such precious heritage in just a few words. Wherever you look, traces of the past hint at the ancient splendour of Augusta Praetoria, the city founded by the Romans, of which today we can still admire the magnificent Arch dedicated to the Emperor Augustus, the monumental Porta Pretoria gate, the Roman Theatre and Forum, to mention just a few. At the heart of Aosta we can also find some marvellous mediaeval monuments, Romanesque and Gothic masterpieces such as the Monumental Complex of Sant’Orso, with the cloister and the magnificent Cathedral recalling the splendour created by the patrons of Aosta at that time.

The castels

Aosta Valley is very famous for its castles which are the remains of intense activity in history. The most important of these are: the Fort of Bard, the Castles of Fénis, Savoie, Issogne Verrès, Ussel, Cly, Sarre and Saint-Pierre.
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